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Silbaerg Snowboards



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This winter belongs to the Shreddomata!

In 2020 our women's board, the Shreddomata, came onto the market. In 2023 we will have an innovation in the spirit of sustainability!

Our A.L.D.-tech.® HEMP!
Hemp fiber board we use hemp fibers that grow in the Chemnitz area and are processed into FUSE tape by Sachsenleinem. Another step towards green snowboard production at top performance 🙂

In addition to A.L.D.-tech.® HEMP, we have as usual:
 A.L.D.-tech.® BASIC: Fiber optic for entry-level (where other brands leave off, we begin)
 A.L.D.-tech.® PRO : Glass fiber with even more edge grip
 A.L.D.-tech.® HYBRID : our top model that simply sets standards.

Sustainability is very important to many of you and especially to us. That is why we will rely on local and short production routes for production in the future. This is how we successfully brought our production from Austria to the Ore Mountains. Together with the production of our patented semi-finished fiber products in Chemnitz, we are now completely “Made in Germany”. In addition, we use bio-based resins for all 2020 models, which are not only good for the environment but also improve driving behavior.

This is how you find the A.L.D.-Technology that’s right for you
Our A.L.D.-Basic offers what other brands deliver in the high-end range. Thanks to high-quality materials and a moderate A.L.D.-effect, this board has everything to make lovers of soft boards and silbaerg beginners happy.

The A.L.D-Pro is our absolute all-rounder, the perfect partner for every terrain and able to cope with every situation. Thanks to the pronounced A.L.D.-effect, you always have perfect edge hold and get direct feedback from your board even at high speeds. Compared to its predecessor, we have significantly reduced the weight and made the flex a little smoother. Our silbaerg favorite.

The A.L.D.-Hybrid – our highlight
After 9 years of experience with A.L.D.-Technology on the market, we are proud to present our best A.L.D.-Technology to date. By combining carbon and glass fibers, we were able to create our lightest all-mountain board with the strongest A.L.D.-effect. Once you've driven it, you won't want to give it back...

Our passion, your color
We have something special for you this season. The design of the Shreddomat 2020 combines our home spots Fichtelberg and Keilberg with the passion for carving. We give you the choice of color. Order your board in your color:

– black&white: Simple and elegant – leaves color out
– blue&white: Our colors – typically silver
– orange: The colorful – brings color to the slopes
– green: Be Different – ​​We love contrast

If your desired design-technology combination is not available, please contact us via

ATTENTION: We have snowboards that are stored with a quantity in stock and can be with you within a week. Snowboards without quantities are produced once the order has been received. This currently takes approximately 8 weeks.

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