Green snowboard with A.L.D.-Technology


Snowboard with patented anisotropy-related coupling effect (A.L.D.-tech.®) made from hemp and recycled carbon fibers with bio-based epoxy resin.

The innovation is the application of dry fiber placement (DFP) for the production of hybrid snowboard preforms from hemp tape and recycled carbon fibers (rCF). The process has so far only been used to process continuous carbon fibers. Thanks to the excellent material properties of the hemp tape and the directional rCF nonwovens, both materials can be processed automatically with DFP. This saves 75% of the waste of the hemp fibers and uses the waste of our carbon fiber snowboards to save costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

The most important advantages

  • Green snowboard based on hemp fibers and recycled carbon non-woven
  • Use of dry fiber placement for reduced waste production
  • Unidirectional or highly oriented textile semi-finished products for perfect properties
  • Circular economy for waste from high-performance snowboards made of virgin carbon fibers
  • Green economy for the green snowboard by using bio-based epoxy resin


Awarded with


The JEC is the world's largest trade fair for composite materials and takes place annually in Paris. We won the JEC Award 2024 in the Sports Equipment category. In total, there were more than 2,000 submissions in 11 categories and 33 finalists, such as DLR (German Aerospace Institute), Toyota, Airbus and Voith. 
In our category, we prevailed against a carbon bicycle rim from Scott and Radiat and a carbon ice hockey stick from Helicoid. 
The jury was made up of top-class composite experts (Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Airbus) and professors from all over the world.
Further information can be found here