In the last few months we have worked intensively on the development of the Splitomat, the splitboard from silbaerg Snowboards, and were finally able to test it in Oberwiesenthal and Kühtai. We are surprised by the driving performance ourselves! But find out more here.

We have been thinking about developing a splitboard for a long time. Since our A.L.D.-tech.® was not yet ready for the board to be separated in the middle, we had to wait until everything fit. This fall we achieved a breakthrough and found an approach to how the patented A.L.D.-tech® can be used as an A.L.D.-Carbon variant in our Splitomat. The main target variables in development were our usual silbaerg edge performance, lightweight construction and sustainability. We were able to achieve these three points with a new carbon fiber semi-finished product in conjunction with the bio-based resin system from rConcept realize. The result was a prototype that was both visually appealing and very light at around 2.3 kg. If you want to buy us a splitboard, go to the Splitomat here!

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