Our silbaerg snowboards are characterized by a completely new and revolutionary technology. We call it „A.L.D. Technology“. But what is behind these three letters? A.L.D. stands for anisotropic layer design and enables snowboards to adapt to different riding situations like never before.

While doing a carving turn on the slope, the edge presses itself into the snow in addition to the curve inclination and noticeably increases the edge grip. This brings decisive advantages especially on hard and icy slopes.
While doing a boardslide over a rail, the edge lifts slightly. This greatly minimizes the probability of cutting the edge into the handrail and also prevents the edge from wearing out.


The secret is hidden inside our boards: Where other manufacturers use machine-made bi-, tri- or quadaxial fiber reinforcement materials on the top and bottom side of the wooden core, we have our patented A.L.D.tech® layers that are handmade by ourselves. This technology provides a completely new kind of riding experience on our silbaerg snowboards. A.L.D.tech® turns our boards into true all-rounders that meet the highest demands on the slopes and in the fun park. Compromises were yesterday! Compromises were yesterday!

The A.L.D.tech series made of glass fibres with a slight edge deformation is ideal for beginners and people who want to slowly get into the new edge performance.

The A.L.D.tech PRO glass fibre semi-finished product goes a long way! Due to the increased level of deformation, the edge gives you stability even on icy surfaces, but leaves you alone when you’re sliding.

A.L.D.tech Pro Hybrid stands for the combination of A.L.D.tech and A.L.D.tech PRO Carbon. The mix of our two fibre semi-finished products results in perfect driving characteristics and low weight.

With our high-end top technology, the edge effect is further enhanced by the carbon fibres used! Here you need a gun license! The full carbon construction also reduces the weight. The best materials catapult you down every slope and show you the limits of physics.



The effect: During carving the edges are pressed into the snow – this increases edge hold and board control. In addition, the board turns more easily and jamming is prevented.


The effect: With the Boardslide on the other hand, the edges are lifted – this prevents them from cutting the edges into the rail. Your snowboard adapts to your riding situation and offers more safety and fun!


Our core competence and thus our unique selling point is the production of the patented A.L.D.-Tech. semi-finished fibre products that surround the wood core. They provide the edge effects that turn a snowboard into a silbaerg. We manufacture these in Chemnitz with great dedication and precision in elaborate manual work.

The finishing of our snowboards takes place with no less attention to detail at a premium manufacturer for snowboards in Germany/Erzgebirge This combination ensures that our high quality standards are met. Because the last thing we want is to manufacture in low-wage countries with producers who have no passion for our sport, but with low social, environmental and labour standards. In addition to product quality, the CO2 balance during production also plays a decisive role for us.

The most efficient possible use of resources along the entire value chain is very important to us, and regional production and the very short transport routes in the Erzgebirge reflect this. At the same time, we are working to further reduce the impact on the environment. Together with Chemnitz University of Technology, we are researching new ways to develop a sustainable snowboard concept.


Actually, awards are not important to us at all. Because at the end of the day all that counts for us is that everyone who drives a silbaerg is 110 percent happy with it. But to show the snowboarders among you, who don’t know us yet, that we’re not bullshitting and that our product innovations have our hands and feet, they are quite useful.


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